We're happy to introduce our latest friend-photographer in the blog spotlight...Anna Jones!  Among other things, Anna and I have one important thing in common:  our significant others (who are great friends) have a significant (unhealthy?) obsession with fishing and hunting.  So not only did we feel a serious kinship right off the bat, we both know the joys of weekends to ourselves, leaving all the more time to pursue our respective passions.  For Anna, this is no doubt photography, and though it is now her full-time career, the love and excitement for the craft she discovered in the high school dark room has not waned.

Anna is three years into a successful and growing career with OMS Photography in Cincinnati (after graduating from Ohio University with a B.A. in Commercial Photography) where she works as an Onsite Photographer shooting specifically for HomeMadeSimple, a web-based publication and television show featuring recipes, crafts, home decor, and party inspirations.  Working in a renovated firehouse studio, Anna creates beauty shots of her assignments that are published on HomeMadeSimple.com, viewed by millions of subscribers every day.  (Of whom we are now one...and guessing you will be, too, after you have a look!)

Her day job (lucky for us!) allows her a bit of creative freedom, so Anna also has a photography site of her own, and a recent project has us equally green with envy and blown away by her beautiful talent.  A photographer friend enlisted Anna's help with his wedding (which she says was an honor and privilege--doing what she loves, documenting two amazing people start their life together, AND being paid to do so) and Anna found herself in Maui to shoot the celebration among family and friends.  Below are a few of the moments she captured in Hawaii this past June...and you'll find even more on her website.  Stunning!

When we asked Anna to photograph a pair of earrings from our Fall Collection, we knew the vintage ivory and brass drops were a wonderful fit for her...and also, as it turns out, for her neighbor Jenny, who was enlisted as the model for the shoot.  They both live in the Mansion Hill District of Newport, Kentucky, a historic neighborhood filled with winding streets, centuries-old homes, and hidden alley-entranced gardens, and after a morning of mimosas and a bit of overgrown garden "borrowing," a photo shoot was born!  (Anna also incorporated a favorite bone-bead necklace--a perfect fit for the ivory dangles!)

One of the things Anna says she loves best about photography and portraiture is capturing a subject's personality so that she can look back and remember who they were at that time in their life.  No doubt this will be the case with these fun and carefree "capturings" (especially above!)

With our maiden name, we'll love Anna forever for the image above--absolutely gorgeous!  Many thanks to Anna for her beautiful work and effort...and can't wait to see more from you!  (When are those boys going fishing again?)

[all photos courtesy of Anna Jones]

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