Our latest Friends & Family photographer feature takes us West amongst the gorgeous deserts of Arizona.  (We love all of the fun and far-flung places our jewelry enjoys traveling!)  Though Lauryn Bushman currently makes her home closer to our neck o' the woods here in Kentucky (more on that front in a bit) her life takes her hither, there, and yon, and we loved that she took time out of her wedding countdown this month to shoot a few pics of our Art Deco glass drops from the Fall Collection.

Lauryn's love of beauty (she's a self-declared seeker of beautiful details...whether finding symmetry in nature, a colorful pattern, or the way light bounces off of different surfaces, no matter how gritty or pristine the surroundings) and her international adventures (childhood in Asia, travels around the globe, education in California, and a career in New York) contribute heartily to her passion for capturing this beauty on camera.   A few of Lauryn's images below...and more gorgeous glimpses on her website.

Though trained as an industrial designer (and following a stint with Michael Kors Eyewear) her most recent adventure in the Bluegrass State is allowing her to explore her photographic pursuits and interests, as her fiancé Tyler, a chef, will be opening Rye, a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky later this fall.  Throughout the menu tasting process, Lauryn has documented the recipes (with both camera AND stomach!) and the results for both food and art are bound to be fantastic.  

Until we can make a reservation, we're loving Lauryn's interpretation of a favorite earring style amidst the desert beauty out West...the lush, rich colors of succulents and gorgeously textured surfaces suit the Art Deco glass beautifully, a feast for the eyes!  Many thanks to Lauryn for her beautiful pictures, and happy wedding weekend soon!

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