So here's the situation...our Second Annual Super Awesome Sale will start next week (we'll let you know, but let's just say it starts on a day that rhymes with Shoesday) and, based on last year's excitement, it should be a rockin' good time.  Not only will (almost) everything currently on the site be featured at fantastic prices, we'll also add a handful (well, more than that, really) of new designs specifically for the event.  Think of it as a sale AND an outlet.  (Hence, the Super Awesome name.)

In the meantime, we'd like to give our fans, friends, and followers a heads-up on the awesomeness.  Starting now and ending Sunday August 14th (yes, promptly at 11:59:59 p.m. EST) you'll be able to use a special pre-sale promo code to get in early on the goods.  This is your chance to snag that Elva necklace you've been eyeing all summer...or perhaps to stock up on some early Christmas gifts for the girls.  In any case, the entire world (the entire Elva-loving world, that is) will have access to the sale next week, so you best be getting shopping now before the chaos--I mean, awesomeness--begins.

Live it up and thanks so much for being so fantastic!


Enter code 


to enjoy 20% off through Sunday.

Happy shopping!

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  • Posted On August 16, 2011 by E.

    Today rhymes with Shoesday…does the sale start today at noon??

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