We are thrilled to share our latest photographer feature with you--please meet Gillian Ellis, a gal who found and honed her incredible skills with a camera quite early thanks to her father, Pulitzer-prize nominated photographer Richard Ellis, with whom she now works. (Makes me have high hopes for my little ladies...how early is too early to start stringing beads?)  Together they document the moments that make up lives--and Gillian's coverage of weddings, celebrations, and people are equal parts beautiful, captivating, and insightful.  (Check out the Richard Eliis Photography website for additional proof of their stunning work.  Oh, and they have an amazing blog, too: here!) 

Based in Charleston, South Carolina (truly one of our all-time favorite places) Gillian was introduced to us by a friend and customer who wore a fun Elva design in her engagement photos...and that's all it took for us to be fans.  Now that we know a bit more of the story--that on family vacations she and her father would compete for the best snapshot...and that she sold her first image on a stock website when she was just thirteen--we love her even more.  

But truthfully, her photographs seal the deal for us.  Inspired by the sea (and trying not to be envious of her proximity to the beach) we asked Gillian to partake in a photo shoot with our green fluorite briolette earrings from the Summer Collection.  We couldn't be happier with her gorgeous interpretation of the jewels, and we can't wait for an on-site photo shoot with Gillian...someday!  Until then, enjoy these beauties, and thanks over and over again to Gillian for her talents.

[all images courtesy Richard Ellis Photography/Gillian Ellis]

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  • Posted On July 20, 2011 by Emily

    I love them all! especially that 2nd one down. beautiful girl, beautiful feature:)

  • Posted On July 20, 2011 by Khrystyne Jamerson

    This is fantastic Gill!! These pics are so gorgeous!

  • Posted On July 19, 2011 by Ashley J

    Gill this is awesome!!! So proud of you and your pics are so great!

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