It all started in Paris. She had her camera in tow throughout all of Europe and--not surprisingly--has it along for the ride still today. Though we were mere college students studying abroad in the City of Lights, it was clear from the start that she'd go on to great things, taking pictures all the way, and now our dear amie Jacqueline Schlossman lives out her passion for photography, MFA (and camera) in hand, teaching photography and digital design classes all while creating and producing her own work professionally. 

And what work it is! Jacqueline can capture objects and landscapes with such unique vision that she is able to transform the expected to the most interesting, complex, and beautiful.   We are in awe at her crystallization of the everyday and oft-overlooked beauty in this world.

Her compositions have been featured in galleries galore, but her latest venture is a bit more personal and celebratory...and we're just as much in love with this project's concept as we are its stunning creations. Readyluck is the collaborative and creative result of Jacqueline and three photographer friends, armed with cameras to document--in the most wonderful way--life's most intimate and incredible moments.  (Note to all brides-to-be: you'll absolutely want to investigate the Readyluck team's portfolio...they are skilled and stylish beyond belief.)  


All this in mind, it's no wonder we enlisted her help and incredible talent in capturing a few of our jewels on camera--and we couldn't be happier with her visual interpretation of Elva Fields.  Though we'll always have Paris, these images are pretty darn fabulous, too.  An enormous "Merci!" to Jacqueline...and hope you enjoy these beauties.


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