{Photo of Erin in Elva Fields jewelry courtesy of April Saas}

Next up in our star-studded lineup of features in our Friends and Family series is sister-in-law Erin Maynard.  Because she's a woman who gets right to the point (with equal parts sarcasm and humor) we will, too.  Here are 10 QUESTIONS FOR ERIN MAYNARD...you'll love her as much as we do by the end of the interview.

Emily:  So I love to tell people that my sister-in-law is a surgeon--especially because there are so few female surgeons in the field in which you are interested.  (Erin is currently in her final year of surgical residency at Maine Medical Center in Portland) What do you love about transplant surgery? 

Erin:   Funny. I love to tell people that my sister-in-law is a jewlery designer and the other is an interior designer. It makes my job feel so mundane at times.
Emily:  I also love to tell people that you live in Maine.  People who have been before always have the most wonderful things to say about it.  What is your favorite thing about being a Maine Maynard?  

Erin:  It's just as the slogan says: "It's the way life should be."  I've also never met a more down-to-earth bunch of people. What a wonderful place to live.

{photo top: rocky Maine coast by Erin Maynard}
{photo below:  view from Erin's apartment by Emily Maynard}

Emily: After a long day in the OR, what do you do to relax and unwind?  (You are not allowed to say "triathlons, cross-country bike rides, or open-water swims" although I know these to be true.)  (Yes, readers, she is a badass. She just returned from a "vacation" hiking the rocky coast of Majorca for a week. See her pictures below...we're ready to tag along next time.)

{all photos by Erin Maynard}

Erin:  Besides reading an embarrassingly bad novel?  I did yoga tonight.  That was anything but relaxing.  I think I'm already sore.  Most nights, the most relaxing thing is putting on some music and making dinner.

Emily:  Speaking of cooking...what is your favorite dish to prepare for house guests?

Erin:  Lobster. Silly question.  I don't eat it unless there are guests here but it's always nice to make people wear bibs. I try to save my culinary experiments for myself. I'm always afraid to try something new for guests.

{photo by Erin Maynard}

Emily:  What is your favorite restaurant in Portland (Bon Appetit's "Foodiest City" in 2010, right?)

Erin:  Louisville came in a close third if I remember correctly.  There isn't a bad joint in town. What a great place. Hard to pick a favorite.

Emily:  Your style is low-key and casual, but you still love some Elva Fields in your life...is this because you feel you have no other choice when it comes to accessorizing?   (Because you have no other choice.)  

Erin:  It's very kind of you to say "low-key casual."  That's a kind way of saying I have no sense of style whatsoever.  I wear pajamas to work every day. The only high heels I own are those I've worn in weddings.  And the only hint of color I wear was from a wedding I was in. (I still love my fuchsia pashmina.  It's a signature.)  HOWEVER I LOVE ME SOME ELVA FIELDS.  There has not been a time I have worn a necklace without recieving multiple compliments.  It takes my uniform black dress slacks and black shirt to an entirely different level.  By just adding a necklace it can make my office outfit look more professional.  I feel more confident at interviews, and it also spices up an outfit for the evening.  

Emily:  Wait...are you allowed to wear jewelry in the OR?

Erin:  Where did my earring go? Just kidding.

Emily:  You're headed to St. Louis this summer for your upcoming Fellowship...what will you miss most about Maine?

Erin:  Summers in Maine are my favorite time.  The number one thing I'll miss I think are Sunday morning swims in the ocean.

{photo of Maine summer blooms by Emily Maynard}

Emily:  What are you looking forward to in St. Louis? (Don't feel like you have to say "the proximity to Kentucky!")

Erin:  An apartment with a dishwasher and washer and dryer.  Oh, and yes, being close to family. 

Emily:  Anything you'd like for me to pass along to your nieces?

Erin:  I love each and everyone of them. So young yet so AWESOME!. Each of them are already so unique. I'm excited to watch them grow up and hopefully be part of their lives.   Work hard, have fun along the way, and always believe in yourself. 

{photo of Erin with niece Viva by Emily Maynard}

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  • Posted On May 16, 2011 by Emily

    What a lovely write up on a very special lady! xx

  • Posted On April 26, 2011 by Katherine White

    I loved seeing this pic of Erin…she looks intelligent, gorgeous, sophisticated and at the same time, friendly – great combination! Such talented ladies.

  • Posted On April 06, 2011 by Sue O'Connor

    Love having you both in our family – I get to tell people I have a surgeon & a successful designer in my family! Love to all -Aunt Sue (and Uncle Tim)

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