Welcome to our Spring Collection!  This season is all about celebrating a new start, fresh colors, and happy times...and you are cordially invited to join the fun!  For the next couple of months, we'll be bringing you the best of spring with earrings and necklaces perfect for this upcoming season and beyond...so enjoy the party!

In the meantime...here are a few behind-the-scenes look at our Spring Collection photo shoot back in October.  (Yes, we plan ahead.)  Thankfully we have the help of a very talented graphic designer who transforms images like the one below...to something wonderful and beautiful above.  We heart him for his magical skills....and for editing out our dorky smile.  (Reason #487 we are a jewelry designer and not a model.)

Another thing you won't see in the final product...our baby belly!  (A nine-month baby belly, at that.) 

And as if keeping an eye on the belly wasn't distracting enough for our husband/photographer, our nearly-two-year-old was taunting our furry gals with some balloons she borrowed from the shoot, causing quite the stir on the deck.

But my favorite picture at all has not a stitch of jewelry in sight...but plenty of static.

Happy spring and welcome to the party!

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  • Posted On April 02, 2011 by Tessa White

    Just love your pieces…follow your blog and hoping to work with you in a few months when I launch a new project xx

  • Posted On March 01, 2011 by trixie

    the spring collection is absolutely GORGEOUS!! i want them all, but need to decide on just one:)

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