We're not even close to wrapping up our holiday shopping (no pun intended) but we've kept one thought in mind as we've pondered and browsed and brainstormed this year's list: giving truly makes us happy.  Price tags, crowded shops, and tying bows aside, we're looking for gifts that do double-or-more duty; gifts that matter--both to the recipient and the greater good.   Gifts that inspire and bring joy that really resonates.  

While jewelry may not be a fit for everyone on your list (men just don't seem to fall for our rhinestones and beads like the ladies do...) we like to think that a gift from Elva Fields offers both style and substance.  Not only are our jewels made by hand in our small Kentucky studio (always good to patronize small businesses with handcrafted creations, right?) but we also support an incredibly worthwhile organization in our rural local community of Spencer County.  

Three dollars of each purchase made online is donated directly to Backpack Buddies, a program that provides a weekend's-worth of food to a school-age child who might otherwise go hungry throughout the academic year.  Many children in our area depend entirely on the school cafeteria for their daily meals, so by sending them home with a backpack full of food on Friday afternoon, they are able to look forward to snacks and meals at home on Saturday and Sunday.  It's amazing to think that $3 can feed a child for an entire weekend, and our small contribution each month has made a difference in the lives of over 100 students in our area.  

Whether from Elva Fields or another company that offers style and substance, we hope you'll consider gifts that give "more" this season.  Happy shopping and beautiful holidays to you!

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