We LOVE birthdays...and want to celebrate our own with you!  Elva Fields turns seven years young this month (we still can't believe how the time has flown!) and we're marking the occasion with a special contest for our peeps on Facebook and Twitter.  

Here's the deal:  

--We want to hear about your seventh birthday...the short and sweet version.  Funny, sad, weird, or traditional...bring it on!  Tell us how you celebrated your 7th birthday...by tweeting us, tagging us in a post, or writing on our wall.

--Our favorite response will receive a special birthday present from Elva Fields:  a pair of earrings from our Fall 2010 Collection!  (We have them all picked out and wrapped to give!)

--We'll choose the big birthday winner on October 13th, so start that walk down memory lane, and we'll look forward to hearing from you.   (And might even take inspiration from your tale to celebrate Lucky Seven here at Elva Fields...the studio is overdue for a shin-dig!)

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  • Posted On October 13, 2010 by Fawn
    I hadn’t learned to ride a two-wheel bike as we approached the seventh birthday. My Dad made it very clear I could not turn seven (gasp! the horror! no birthday?!) if I did not learn to ride a two-wheel bike before my birthday. I managed to eek it out two weeks before the big day. Phew! But then I fractured my ankl…e playing with my Dad on my seventh birthday and could barely walk for the next two weeks. Ask Matt about having to help me walk to the playground for recess…he still hasn’t forgiven me for missing an entire recess (and he was such the southern gentelman!) in first grade.
  • Posted On October 13, 2010 by Molly Davis

    For my 7th Birthday all I wanted was Barbies and her accessories. I was so excited to recieve the Barbie dunebuggy and really cool clothes and jewelry! Inspiration for Emily (Barbie jewelry), I still have all my Barbie things!

  • Posted On October 12, 2010 by Cindy Underwood

    My 7th Birthday was MAGICAL! My parents didn’t have much money back then, but they wanted to make my day special! My dad set up the “Big 7 Scavenger Hunt” for 2 friends and me to enjoy. There was a great, yet simple, prize and clue at all 6 stops, culminating into the 7th, and final, destination.

    Inside of a beautiful wooden box was a note that said:
    “Happy 7th Birthday, Foofy Lu…
    The best prize is always YOU!!
    We love you!
    Daddy & Mama”

    When I looked up, I saw myself in a mirror that my Dad was holding. It was a beautiful mirror he had made himself. He smiled and said, “Just like the note says, the best prize is YOU! Isn’t that what you see now?”

    I still have that mirror all these years later and enjoy using it daily!

  • Posted On October 11, 2010 by Jennifer Doolan

    My 7th birthday was the first time I was allowed to have a slumber party. 6 of my closest girlfriends slept over and we spent the entire night giggling and spying in my friend Debbie who had a crush on my older brother and kept sneaking into his room and making up excuses to talk to him. We spied through the door as she folded his dirty laundry. Followed up with TPing the neighbors house and watching Children of the Corn. Nobody slept and we were horrified!

    Good times!!

  • Posted On October 11, 2010 by Lana Colvard

    My 7th birthday was a pool party. My friends and I swam and played to our hearts content. The best part of that party was when my dad walks in with something under his coat. Being a curious kid I go to peek and see he is hiding a brown baby Chow! I was so excited for my first pet.

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