We have loved hearing from so many of our customers—the stories, photos, and compliments have been heartwarming and inspiring. We wish it were Valentine’s all year long and hope you’ll keep the messages coming! Thank you for being so wonderful, and we’ll continue to do our best with the jewels. In the meantime, here are a few of our favorite Valentines:

“Here’s a photo of me wearing my Bursting to Tell necklace that I received for Christmas. I’m wishing for the Woodland necklace for Valentine’s Day! (Are you listening Chris?) It’s wonderful that you use these vintage pieces, they’re very elegant and good for the environment, too.” —Carol, New York

“Love your work.” —Cathleen

“Elva Fields is based in Kentucky
Kentucky is the most glorious place on the planet
Therefore, Elva Fields contributes to the fact that Kentucky is the most glorious place on the planet
(Not to mention Elva Fields designs are like snowflakes…each treasure is unique, and magical, and never last long (on the website)” —Scottee, California

“I carry you and your beautiful baubles close to my heart.” —Beth, Kentucky

“Oh how do I love Elva Fields! Because they are gorgeous, show-stopping, and you spend as much time making them as Carson did his crosses.” —Ali, Georgia

“I seriously want everything! I adore your work.” —Anne, Florida

“Elva Fields jewelry should be on the cover of Vogue every month!!! It makes an outfit.” —Hollie, Kentucky

“A few of these pieces are limited edition and already sold out, but for one to simply see the care, thoughtful detail, and inspiration behind each piece, it’s worth taking a peek. I hope this line does well, as I can’t wait to see new additions!” —Haley, Texas

“I LOVE all of my June earrings. They’re elegant and go with everything.” —Anne, Kentucky

“I first saw Elva Fields necklaces on the Oh Joy blog and fell in love with them; they’re just so perfectly beautiful and I keep checking and checking for new necklaces because all of the ones I coveted were sold! Tangled Up in Gold and The Sun is Shining were two favorites, and there was a breathtaking blue one which is no longer there. Then it finally dawned on me to sign up for the newsletter, and lo and behold an email this morning. I don’t have a photo since I don’t yet have and Elva Fields jewel, but any day now!” —Carla

“As an American girl living in Paris I am constantly put to shame by the glamorous French style. With my Elva Fields pieces I know that the outfit I pull together will make a statement. I have worn them to many a client meeting to give me that extra little bit of confidence.” —Sarah, Paris, France

“You make the most beautiful and unique jewelry. Every piece is on my wish list!” —Vanessa

“I received my first piece of Elva Field’s jewelry from the, designer herself, Emily Wheat Maynard the day before her wedding to my son. The second piece was a gift from my best friend for my birthday and I’m hoping the next piece will come from my Valentine of 37 years. Happy Valentine’s Day.” —Donna, Ohio

“This is the year I’m determined to get my first Elva Fields piece!” —Anne, Tennessee

“Fabulous!” —Maria, Portugal

“Ever since I saw your work at the Holly Day Market, I have been a huge fan. So, I’ll take one of everything this Valentine’s Day (if anyone is listening)!” —Stacy, Kentucky

“Haiku to Elva Fields Jewels

Deb is so retro
She is an organic gal
Fun, Stylish and Vintage

Elva is so unique
Attach the brooch or wear without
Act quick, she will sell out

June is a dangler
Sparkle, shimmer and shine
Keep those boys in line" —Gillian, South Carolina

“A confession: I hate to think about matching my clothes. I’m a tactile person – I just put on whatever feels good. Thank goodness for my Elva Fields jewels, which always seem to pull everything together and make me feel feminine and glamorous in every outfit.”
—Jacki, Virginia

“My very dearest friend in the world is a young jewelry lover and product buyer from Korea who regularly sends me emails with names of exquisite jewelry designers whose collections she suggests that I explore (usually they’re French or Italian). Yesterday she sent me a link to a site for an jewelry designer whom I loved more than any other I have seen so far—in fact I was mesmerized by their pieces. They were feminine without being too precious, modern and entirely unique yet with a distinctive historic feel…in short, they were yours!” —Sara, New York

“Oh my! I just can’t wait to own one of these beautiful. All dressed up or just a jeans and t-shirt—-I’ll feel so girly & glam!” —Kelly S.

“I have been wanting an Elva Fields piece since her I saw her unique style in the Lexington Herald-Leader before Christmas 09. Please be my Valentine Elva and let me get one of your beautiful pieces to match my funky style!”
—Carrie, Kentucky

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