Starting your week off right, we've added a new series to our blog that pairs two of our favorite jewels in a two-is-better-than-one philosophy.  (You KNOW more is always more around here!)  Consider it Monday Funday!  For twenty-four lovely hours each week, we'll offer a match-made-in-heaven pairing (often a necklace with a pair of earrings designed especially for the look) at a special price, and this week is a bold beauty in black and turquoise.

"Resilient Spirit"

Honoring a resilient spirit and true character, two strands of polished dalmatian jasper (a favorite stone in the studio, by the way) provide a stunning setting for a vintage gilt brass filigree and glass cabochon-jeweled brooch at front center.  We'd been eyeing this beauty for some time before deciding it needed to be part of something wonderful, and we're thrilled with the result.  A gilt copper toggle clasps the necklace at 20.5" in length, and there is hardly any doubt you'll be as honored by the combination of elements as we are.


Chic and simple, vintage faux coral pendants add just the right amount of color to any look. (We're loving the marbled swirls of color that makes each pair unique.)  Measuring approximately 1.75" in length, they suspend from 14 karat gold fill wires.

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