It's no secret that we love a fun art project here at Elva...and we've been known to get crafty once in a while (often when we should be doing something not-so-fun like taxes or inventory, actually) and this latest version of excitement is no exception.  We have this stash of really great markers that seemed ready for action and a fresh tablet of crisp white paper simply screaming for attention, so we made it happen and took inspiration from our Spring Collection mood board to create some fun backdrops for our in-house photo shoots.  

We loved the results so much we thought we'd share the love...not only here on Instagram (below)...


...but in a way you could actually integrate them into your real, very colorful, very happy life!  So...if you're feeling like you'd like some more Elva around to enjoy, help yourself to our hand-crafted fun below by adding us to your digital world with some wallpaper goodness.  And...if you'd like some actual WALL goodness, scroll to the bottom to see how you could win one of these in its original, hand-colored form, framed and ready for hanging 'round your house!  Original art is always a beautiful part of life, and our Elva craftiness is no exception, if we may say so ourselves.


Click  to download this design for your desktop wallpaper!

Click to download this design for your desktop wallpaper!


Want to win the real deal? Follow us on Instagram, find the image of the artwork in our feed, like and comment on it...and we'll pick a winner at random to receive a framed original of the drawing!  Elva Gets Artsy giveaway awesomeness!  Enjoy!

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