Even if you’re not addicted to one of the best shows on television, you’ve likely at least heard of Project Runway—where aspiring designers compete in a series of fashion challenges with Heidi Klum as host and a panel of fashion-celebrity judges.

With a fun spin on the idea, the International Interior Design Association will host their own “Product Runway,” showcasing fashions incorporating or even made entirely of design elements like wall coverings, tile, or paint. Not only are we anticipating wildly inventive creations at this not-to-be-missed runway show, we’re honored to be the official jewelery designer for the event.

Join the art and design community on Thursday November 12th at the Hyatt downtown to see true creative collaboration at work in a fashion runway show unlike any other.

(In the meantime…check out one of our favorite shows to see the inspiration for the event…Thursdays on Lifetime!)

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