So it all started, as far as we can tell, with Destined to Design, a California designer’s blog about “pretty places and beautiful things” (both right up our alley!)

An entry on Elva Fields Jewelry sparked an interest on another great blog…(this one out of North Carolina and by a very talented graphic designer with her own thriving business creating beautiful stationery…check it out here !)

and another great blog

and one more called Melissa Loves…

…and now we feel like we have a whole new audience amongst the design community! It’s a wonderful feeling to introduce new fans to our jewelry, and we are really excited to have you all visit the site as often as you can or want to. We’ll do our best to keep you coming back for more fun jewelry!

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  • Posted On November 11, 2009 by destined to design

    This is too funny! Ok, so I had your website bookmarked from a while ago and couldn’t remember why or where from, so I figured I found it on some blog. Then I see your designs getting re-posted all over the place: Mint, Oh Joy!, and at least 5 other blogs I frequent. Come to find out – my former co-worker is Emily Maynard – your sister in law and she introduced me to you! So funny, and SO glad I was able to get you some exposure. Everyone in the design blog world is loving you. ;) Take care!

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