Inspired by a recent concert surprise, this week's DIY has us giddy for a get-together.  We Elva Gals have long loved a reason to celebrate--whether a fun mail day or a more monumental milestone--and with New Year's Eve just around the corner, we figured there was no time like the present to put together a party favor both fun and festive.  Colorful confetti seemed just the ticket.


And this one couldn't be any easier.  Truly.  All you'll need are scissors, a hole punch, some tissue paper, a brown bag, and some glitter if you're feeling glamorous.  We were.  (I mean, we work at Elva Fields surrounded by sparkly could we not?)


Get crazy with some fun cut-outs.  Hearts, triangles, random snippets with the scissors.  There's no wrong answer here.  


Mix the shapes together (you could put 'em in a bowl if you're making a big batch) and sprinkle in the glitter if you're going for it.

We divvied up the delights in paper bags lined with tissue and sealed 'em with one of our signature stickers...but you could snag some cellophane treat bags or even small envelopes, depending on how exciting you want to make this thing.  It's your party, so we say do what you like!


Toss and laugh and sip some bubbly...and happy celebration, friends!

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