We're kicking off week two of our December DIY series with a fun and festive drape of delight that we stumbled upon on...where any clever gal gets her craftiest of motivation...Pinterest.  We fell hard and fast for an adorable tissue paper tassel garland created by the lovely blogger over at Linen, Lace, & Love, and knew it would bring instant fun and charm to any setting.  (We started smiling before we even began folding the tissue paper!)  Check out her tutorial for an incredibly easy and detailed step-by-step (and far prettier photos than ours...) and we'll give you the basic run-down here, too.  (And if you'd rather pass on making this yourself, simply spend $100 with us this week, and we'll send you one that we created here in the studio...they're pretty fantastic, if we do say so ourselves!)

Materials are fairly straightforward:  tissue paper (we went a little overboard with color options...), glue gun, scissors, and twine or ribbon for stringing the tassels.

Start with a single sheet of tissue paper and start folding (one sheet will make four tassels.)

Then cut some fringe...

Then roll it up...

and then a twist at the top to make a little loop.

And, just like that, you've made a tissue tassel!

String them on your twine and you're ready to hang it somewhere fantastic...

We loved it on our studio mirror for some everyday fun, but think it would be perfect for a party, across bookshelves, above your desktop screen (every office needs a bright spot!), or over a doorway or two. Hope it brings you some happiness wherever you decide to decorate!  Enjoy!


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