I've been thinking about how many amazing people/businesses/products/thoughts come from Kentucky, and rather than keep all of that in my head (along with the craziness that sometimes swirls around in there) I thought I'd share it with you!

Introducing...The Tuesday Local, my attempt at a weekly round-up of cool things related to (living/happening/working in/coming from) the great state of Kentucky. Here goes the kick-off edition:

Danielle Rudy Davis of Lou What Wear (and rockin' PR firm Lemonade Public Relations) was just named one of the South's Most Stylish People in Southern Living Magazine. (But we could've told you that already.) It's been such fun to get to know Danielle a bit these past few years, and we can't wait to see the goodness that continues to unfold for her in work, life, and (of course) stylish pursuits.

Louisville artist Gibbs Rounsavall (whose studio is just around the corner from ours) is painting a mural in the Shelby Park neighborhood, and it looks like beauty in the works. Public art is vital and awesome.

On my list to try: this perfect-warmth-on-a-cool-day chowder from Caught Wild Salmon, the coolest Kentucky fisherman family that makes the trek to Alaska every summer to bring back wild-caught, delicious salmon to the Bluegrass. 

More to come next week, friends. In the meantime, cheers to (and from) Kentucky!

[ above, awesome coaster design from Hound Dog Press, another Kentucky coolness to know about ]
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