• Flair with Care

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    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Fashionable Finds - Mask Up Edition


    1. 100% Human Masks (available in other colors)

    2. Liberty Print Mask (available in other patterns)

    3. Fabric Face Mask (available in other patterns and colors)

    with our Paperclip Chain Fun Flair

    4. Organic Cotton Face Mask (available in other fabrics and colors)

    5. Embroidered Blockprint Masks (set of 5, available in other patterns)

    6. Reversible African Cotton Kitenge Mask (proceeds to voting initiatives!) with our Collection Beads Fun Flair mask/glasses chain

    7. VOTE Mask (gives $10 to When We All Vote)

    8. Kids Tie-Dye Face Mask (set of 2, available in other colors)

    9. Kiddo Fun Flair Mask Lanyard (available in other colors)

    10. Kids Fabric Face Mask (set of 2, available in other patterns and colors)

    11. Adult or Kiddo Face Masks (set of 3, available in other patterns)



    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Fashionable Finds


    I've missed styling some of our favorite jewels (maybe because I'm not going anywhere these days that requires actually getting dressed???) and decided to resurrect our "How We'd Wear It" series and rename it in case the posts end up being more of "Hey, look at all of these great and stylish things I've stumbled upon lately" than outfits or pairings with Elva. Nothing fancy, just some joyful finds. So, first up: a couple of easy basics I'd absolutely wear with The Fun One necklace from the Summer Collection. Enjoy!


    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Elva Awesome - Holiday Edition

    Our next

    Elva Awesome Instagram Flash Sale


    Sunday, December 15th / 9 pm EST

    Hope to see you there!


    Posted by Emily Maynard
  • Why Vintage?

    It's no secret that I'm a fan of vintage - my love and adoration of all things old is a major reason I started Elva Fields in the first place. (Those childhood flea market and antique shop adventures with my mom definitely shaped my preferences and inclinations later in life!) There's very little that gets my heart fluttering quite like discovering beauty and goodness during the thrill of the hunt at an early-morning flea market jaunt.

    I had such fun collecting pieces for our most recent vintage edit; from bags to bangles, each item was selected especially for you all to enjoy this fall season and, hopefully, for years to come. Even if "vintage" isn't really your thing, I'd encourage you to consider the possibility of incorporating just a touch of something old in your every day. Why? Well, a few thoughts on why vintage is so wonderful:

    1. Vintage fashion, like the jewelry and accessories in our Fall Edit, keeps these beautiful items in use and out of the landfill.  I'm hearing more and more about sustainable fashion (especially in light of pretty horrific reports from documentaries like "The True Cost" and books like Fashionopolis) and it's vitally important for me to, at the very least, consider the effects my fashion purchases may have on life on this planet - from a human rights AND ecological standpoint, among others. By choosing vintage, I'm prolonging the life of an item that might otherwise end up being thrown away, and I'm supporting a small business (from the tiny, often home-based vendors from whom I source these items) and you, in turn, are supporting a small, female-owned business (with a mindful, minimal impact on the environment and who pays a living wage to her assistants) rather than a large factory corporation without thoughtful, sustainable efforts in place.

    2. Vintage fashion offers an opportunity for unique style. If you're hoping to show up NOT wearing the same thing as someone else at the party, vintage is a fantastic way to do it. I love incorporating vintage elements in my outfits (or, better yet, wearing a vintage outfit, too) because I find such joy in individuality and uniqueness. A touch of vintage - especially through accessories - shows your OWN particular style, not the handbag you've seen 982 people wear on Instagram. I collected our Fall Edit items especially for the woman who likes to stand out stylishly, who isn't afraid to mix up her tried-and-true denim with a stack of brilliant and bold bangles from the 60s or her basic LBD at work with a 1970s woven leather clutch to head out to an event right after office hours. Vintage allows me to express MY style confidently in bold or subtle ways, telling an interesting story that isn't a repeat or over-told tale.

     3. Vintage fashion is quality fashion. The phrase "They just don't make 'em like that anymore" comes to mind - and, rather than sounding like the old lady I may be, it's completely true! I'm endlessly impressed by the craftsmanship and quality of the vintage goodness I find and collect. The jewelry, the purses, the scarves - all of it was made with a set of values that emphasized and cared for craftsmanship, design, and legacy. The vintage items in our Fall Edit were not only beautifully-crafted and thoughtfully-designed in their own time, they are to be enjoyed today and for more years to come - and, because they are so well made, they can and will be. It is truly my hope that these fun finds (that each likely have a very colorful tale to tell from their previous experiences!) enjoy a new life with the beautiful customers who choose them from our collections, and are perhaps handed down as new/old family heirlooms one day down the road. History and style on repeat...and we're back to number one on the list, it seems. 



    Posted by Emily Maynard