A few things I'm loving lately:

1. One of my favorite humans ever just sent me this box of heaven, and I'm still dreaming about (and enjoying in real life) the beautiful fragrance that emerged when I opened it. Gardenias top my list of scents, and it is a wonder of our modern world that an entire box of blooms can be shipped across the country to be enjoyed. (High Camp Supply does this with impeccable style.) It's decadent and amazing, and a gift like this is remembered forever.

2. Another gift (albeit of a more practical nature) is my new favorite puffy vest by Cotopaxi. Between the unexpected color combinations AND their thoughtfully-designed and crafted "gear for good" business model, it's the perfect added layer under my down jacket on super-cold mornings (not into this 20-degree nonsense) but provides just enough warmth on its own on the spring-is-sooooo-close days it's not as frozen outside. Feels good, does good, all good.

3. On these cold mornings, a warm start is just the thing. I've officially been converted from a "I'll just pour my oat milk straight from the refrigerated carton into my coffee" to a "that refrigerated carton is dead to me, one absolutely MUST steam and froth oat milk before adding it to one's hot drink" kind of gal. I don't even recognize myself. This under-$40 indulgence whips, froths, heats (optionally) and preps with lots of available customization options, and I'm never going back.

4. Amor Towles's A Gentleman in Moscow might be my favorite book ever, so I've been anticipating (read: mildly obsessing over) the release of his latest novel, The Lincoln Highway. I adore Towles's storytelling skills, unspooling fascinating details about each character in ways both unexpected and startlingly familiar with descriptions that stay with the reader long after the book has been closed, and this line-up of memorable personages was no exception. I was along for the ride (literally, as it's a tale from the road) and sad when it ended in more ways than one.

5. Another favorite of mine (this list seems to be full of those) is the band The Head and the Heart. A new album is on the way, and their latest single is part of the latest Elva Fields playlist. (And, if, like me, you're wanting a THATH fix before you can see them on tour, their show at Pike Place Market was recorded for a special on Amazon Prime Video. I may have watched it more than twice.)




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