A few things I'm loving lately:

1. One Sunday afternoon a few of weeks ago, a song I'd never heard before popped up on my Spotify, and I immediately saved it - it was love at first listen. A few hours later, I opened my beloved New York Times and there was an article about the pivotal album from which that song had come that referenced a more recent song I now love nearly as much. I'll never tire of life's serendipity, and both songs found their way to my latest Late Summer playlist on Spotify. 

2. I knew Bess Kalb could make me laugh (just follow her Instagram) but I had no idea she'd bring me to tears, too (and sometimes both at the same time) in her memoir full of beautiful, hilarious, and heartbreaking stories about her grandmother, mother, and, ultimately, about the connections - loving, difficult, complicated, life-giving - that mothers, daughters, and granddaughters often share.  

3. Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm a huge nerd for wearing this on my walks, but it is the perfect size for my phone, keys, mask, a snack, debit card, and hand sanitizer. (You might be thinking I mistyped "walk" when I meant "very long hike" but a gal's gotta be prepared - even a few blocks away in the neighborhood.) It also doubles as my "quick purse" when I don't feel like schlepping a whole tote. Nerd alert.

4. I have the beautiful ladies at Natalie Officer Design to thank for an introduction to these best-smellers a few years ago, and this one is my latest desktop delight.

5. So flipping funny, a little irreverent, but hopeful (even when the characters get in their own way at every turn) this show is fantastic.





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