A few things I'm loving lately:


1. I'm not one for binging tv (I know, I know - I might be the only one) but this series was irresistible once I discovered it (late to the party, of course) back in January. Heartwarming and hilarious, I found myself laughing with and loving every one of the characters, and I'm so excited to see what happens to them all in Season 2, which officially kicks off TOMORROW! (But only one episode release at a time, so no binging this time around.)

2. Also irresistible, these sweet-and-savory snacks from my beloved Trader Joe's.

3. My all-time favorite denim is part of Everlane's Summer Sale, and I may have snagged another pair of my tried-and-true jeans for under $40 this week. Getcha some, friends.

4. Sunburned lips are the worst. This stuff is the best. Texture/taste/ease of application: perfection.

5. I was super sad when this magical tale came to an end, but it was a delight along the way. I listened on Audible, but I bet it would be heaven to read in hardback.

6. My new favorite song right now (and part of the latest Elva Fields playlist on Spotify!) There is nothing that José Gonzalez creates that I haven't adored (I even took myself to one of his concerts after a particularly challenging experience years ago, but that's another story) and this song is no exception. The video is achingly beautiful, too. 





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