Making a difference in the world around us has always been at the heart what we do here at Elva Fields, so in honor of our 14th birthday, we decided to dedicate a day to one of our favorite spots in town, The Cabbage Patch Settlement House.

We teach the kiddos there how to make fun, joyful jewelry in our classes through the Little Ladies Collection, and for Day 7 of our Fortnight of Fun, we wanted to take the contribution a bit further. 

For each Little Ladies necklace we sell (through Wednesday at 11:59:59 pm EST) we'll give $14 directly to The Patch...and that's in addition to the materials that we donate to an underprivileged child to create a necklace of their own. So it's a double whammy of awesome, and we hope you'll help us in making that difference--it means more than you know!


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