1. GUESS Straw Fedora

2. TOMS Espadrilles 

3. Mango Way-Farer Sunglasses

4. Billabong Tote Bag

5.SunBum SPF 30 Sunscreen

6.Target Green-Inspired Notepads

7. Stott Pilates Water Bottle

Many of the Elva Gals in the studio have a common favorite hobby: Flea marketing, of course! Around Kentucky, it's lucky for us that we can almost always find a fun weekend market to attend. We've learned a lot about how to make the experience the best one possible, so we thought we'd share a little insight concerning what we feel are truly flea marketing essentials! First of all, with so many of the best markets being when weather is warm, be sure to keep the rays off your face with a cute hat and definitely wear plenty of sunscreen. You'll also be doing quite a lot of trekking, so wear comfy shoes (I mean, who doesn't start out with a full round of the market? You have to if you want to snag the best stuff!) When it comes to comfort and simple style, TOMS are our go-to!  A large tote bag for storing goodies is an easy (and much more fashionable/eco-friendly) alternative to carrying around any shopping bags. Remember to bring some healthy snacks and a full water bottle, otherwise you'll be forced to eat the market's carney food (though, I would not be mad if I had a funnel cake right about now...) We know half the fun of flea markets is browsing, but this is also quite dangerous. If you're looking for something very specific (a vintage rhinestone brooch, perhaps?) keep a notepad with a list of what you have to find. Otherwise, you'll end the day with a mink fur coat, antique bird cage, and an authentic African bongo drum (and yes, I speak from experience). Last but not least, don a pair of cool shades. Naturally, you want to keep the sun out of your eyes, but more importantly, it'll help you maintain a solid poker face- after all, you'll have some serious bargaining to do! Alright, now get goin' ladies! 



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