Well…just to keep our favorite Elva Fields customers in the loop, we thought we’d spill the beans (about 10 months later!) that owner Emily Wheat Maynard has a bun in the oven! She’s been in the studio working like crazy to create lots of great jewels for the holidays…even through last Monday’s due date.

With the impending arrival of baby girl Maynard (any day now…really), she may have other “creations” to tend to…so please forgive any delay of email responses, shipments, or orders in the coming weeks. We’re 99.9% sure we have our bases covered, but—just in case—we wanted you to know the Elva scoop should there be any jewelry-related drama.

And…as proof that Emily’s been belly-up to the designing table for the past few months, here is a shot that amazing photographer Brenda Brooks took in the studio of a very pregnant designer at work! (For more beautiful pictures from an incredibly talented gal, check out Brenda’s site at BB and Company ...we bet you’ll want her to capture something special on camera for you, too.)

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