Our latest photographer feature should be a familiar face to you--she's the gorgeous gal in our Fall Collection photos, in town and in country and looking beyond beautiful in every setting we shot!  Yes, it turns out that Chelsea Lewis is as talented BEHIND the camera as she is in front of it, and we're thrilled to share her work with you (especially now that you've had a chance to see her wear so many of our jewels...it'll be fun to see how she captures them on her own camera!)

We actually first officially met Chelsea mere moments before we began the photo shoot for our Fall 2011 jewels, and we were immediately impressed by her ability to take what she knew as a professional lens-woman and apply it to posing and positioning for her frequent partner in camera crime, Jessie Kriech-Higdon, for whom she began assisting in 2008.  Chelsea credits Jessie (and her hands-on experiences at Kriech-Higdon Photography) with teaching her about the business of photography, but owes the encouragement and support of taking the leap to starting her own business, Chelsea Lewis Photography, to her husband Clayton.  She'd always been fascinated by photography growing up, snapping pics with her first camera starting at around age 10...and she's captured many a memory since.  A girl after our own nostalgic heart, Chelsea even saves old calendars to look back on days from years past, so taking beautiful pictures is yet another way to ensure she'll never forget anything along the way.

What we love most about Chelsea's work is that she seems to get right to the heart and meaning of a moment and a subject.  It's clear that she takes great pride and honor in being part of moments and relationships, and in specializing in lifestyle and wedding photography in both Louisville and Indianapolis, she has many an opportunity to experience and capture unique emotions and memories.   Amidst her days full of photo shoots, editing, and assembling albums (did we mention she also photographs for Underwired Magazine?) Chelsea was kind enough to share some images from a favorite fall shoot of an adorable little lady... 

as well as some autumn-inspired images of a pair of earrings from the Fall Collection--our faceted green glass clusters.  Taken near home in Historic Fletcher Place in Indianapolis, Chelsea captured color and texture so beautifully!  (No wonder she says she's inspired by color, beauty, age, wrinkles...and travel and wisdom!)  



[all images courtesy Chelsea Lewis Photography]

We loved seeing our jewels captured by such a beautiful and talented lady...thank you, Chelsea, and see you at the next shoot!  

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