Though we're still getting situated in our new digs, we're loving the studio setting so far!  First, the acknowledgements: We owe Mama Deb a gigantic thank-you for making the move happen on time and as scheduled...she did ALL of the painting, ALL of the shelving prep, and coordinated ALL of the fun furnishings in our seating area.  Better half Patrick constructed most of the rest of the furniture that arrived in boxes with instructions, and has us up and running with new desks and shelves in no time.  Et voila!  The family affair made it all possible.  

Check out some shots of the space below...and stay tuned for more fun updates from the brand new Elva Fields Headquarters as we settle in over the coming weeks.

Where the design and production magic happens...our new desks and shelves!

Lots of storage for our goods...

Our sitting area (with Holiday 2010 Collection earring proposals on trays...yes, we're already working on holiday!) featuring a vintage rattan sofa originally from great-grandmother Elva Fields' porch (recovered in our signature colors, of course.)

A studio-warming gift from Deb--we saw these chairs at an antique store and fell in love...but they were sold.  Somehow she tracked them down for our new space as a fun (and incredibly special) surprise.  We were overjoyed...but wish we had more time to relax in them!

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