We're trying out a new style for summer...tassels feel fresh and fun this season, especially in longer, layerable lengths with festive fringe finishes.  Whether in vibrant colors or easy neutrals over a tank or sundress, they're a simple way to add relaxed glamour to your everyday look.  


Our latest limited-edition style takes inspiration from an African necklace design originating with the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria and Benin, incorporating small, colorful glass trade beads in striking, multi-strand designs that often included tassels in the arrangement. Because many of the beads and necklaces are over 150 years old, we decided to stabilize them by re-stringing the beauties, re-interpreting them in a style fitting for today, and a few of our creations include both the antique glass beads and the brass bell pendants from the original artifacts.

Style with a story to tell--so much to enjoy and share in a handmade design with rich history. Happy summer!  Shop the limited-edition collection of tassel necklaces here...


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