Grace in Good Time


Oh, the soft shimmer of the silver in this style is so subtly wonderful, we could stare at it for days. Though the beads themselves are amazing, hand-wrought silver lovelies from Mali that have great impact without the heft, (they're hollow, so their wearability is effortless) it's the tassels we truly adore here. Discovered among remnants of antique embroidery and trim from 18th, 19th, and early-20th-century France, Italy, and England, the pair (from France during the mid-19th century) is crafted meticulously of silver cords and threads, and we tied them in a simple-yet-intricate knot to become the pendant of this sure-to-be stylish staple of a design. The effect is an easy elegance, clasped by a silvered copper toggle at back and measuring 23" in all. (Tassels measure approximately 5" in length.)
$ 338.00
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