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From a time when matches were of great value and use, this antique elephant not only kept them safe and dry within its hinged interior, it also provided a striking surface with which to light them. The elephant likely suspended from a belt or vest and was highly prized. (So much so that its original ivory tusks are no longer present, though, if you prefer, we have some vintage ivory resin that might replace them with subtlety and grace.)

We decided to honor this beautiful and rare design (like its beautiful and rare counterpart in nature) with beads equally prized and celebrated for their beauty; hand-wrought silver beads from Mali and faceted brass beads from India set a stylish and stunning stage for the pachyderm, and we used the original embossed silver chain at the center and at the backs of the strands to pay homage to the elephant's original setting, while simultaneously elevating its presentation with a bit of glamour.  Because the beads are hollow, the necklace is entirely lightweight and lovely, and measures 19" length, shortest strand. (Elephant measures just over 2" width.)

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