A Shimmer of Hope


Three sumptuous strands of silver beads from Mali bring a rustic elegance with their hand-wrought subtleties and irregularities (so much beauty and freedom in the imperfect, right?!) while their clasp - originally a belt buckle from the 1920s - is carved in mother-of-pearl with such joyful detail. The interplay between the more refined floral buckle and the beads, all showing the truthful and honest marks of their made-by-hand origins, is a beautiful balancing act, one we know in life’s blessings, challenges, and everything in between. Whether the buckle is worn at the side or at back, the necklace offers a few different looks and, with its subtle shimmer, becomes a reminder that hope is ever-present and flowing in the mix of it all. Measures 19.5” length, shortest strand. Buckle measures 3.5” length.

$ 368.00 $ 268.00
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