Always Be Prepared


You may not have sworn an oath like those boys, but you're a gorgeous gal who swears by the motto "Always be prepared," especially where fun and celebration are concerned. Consider this your trusty tool for the good times ahead, then, beautiful friend! Carved of luminously lovely abalone and mother-of-pearl, and rendered in silver, this articulated fish pendant is actually a bottle opener, likely made by hand in Mexico. (We've featured one of these fun finds before, but couldn't resist creating this necklace from a recent auction discovery.) Whether you're popping tops off of seltzer, a foamer, or even a beloved Topo Chico, you know that a refreshing beverage can make any occasion all the more enjoyable, so having this stylishly scaled friend 'round your neck will make you the troop leader in no time! Suspended from beads of abalone and silver, the necklace clasps at back with a silvered copper hook and measures 29" in length, not inclusive of the 3" fish. Cheers, friend!
$ 168.00
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