The Mane Difference


The mane difference here is the horse...but any gal from the Bluegrass could tell you that. This one is something special, however, with the brooch's sleek silver finish and striking features. The work of a Mexican silversmith, we were instantly charmed by the horse's profile (that mane alone had us swooning!) and knew it would make a marvelous addition to a necklace design. Enter these faceted opal beads, their range of hue and pattern so incredibly stylish, we knew right away they'd become a beautiful backdrop for the brooch. How wonderful, however, that the jewel is detachable, allowing the wearer to opt for equestrian elegance when the occasion calls for it...or to wear the opal beads on their own for non-Derby days. Either way, the look is sophisticated and stunning, with hints of silver for good measure. A silvered copper toggle clasps the strands at back, measuring 18.5" in length.
$ 348.00 $ 298.00
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