Fleeting Flash of Beautiful

Elva Fields

From our Summer 2012 Collection, this lovely returned to us in need of some replacement jewels that were missing from the butterfly's wing tips and a bit of a cleaning after 11 years of enjoying life with an incredible supporter and collector of Elva Fields. We used black vintage glass gems in the wings and refreshed this design for a chance at a new life with another tried-and-true Elva Gal. With five strands of faceted neon citron glass beads, this is a bright setting for the colorful character. Change does come naturally, however, so this vintage Czech jeweled brooch is detachable – allowing you to move it whenever the mood strikes (or even wear the bright strands on their own – so versatile!). Brought together at the back by a sterling silver toggle, this flash of lasting beauty measures 18” in length, shortest strand.  

(Here's a link to this necklace's original listing in our Archives.)

$ 198.00
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