A Fun Gal


We all know the joke about the mushroom who was a "Fun-Gi" but we're more about the 'shroom that's a fun gal. You'll certainly be one in this number, complete with a vibrant, ready-to-party mix of colorful gemstone beads (mostly quartz, with a few golden brass beads mixed in for good, glamorous measure) and a vintage mushroom brooch at the side. The brooch, its ethereal etched finish adding to its allure, is detachable, so it may be worn elsewhere (mushroom on your favorite clutch or jacket, anyone, for a fête-on-the-go?) or the beaded strands enjoyed on their own without the golden fungal adornment - as fun as she may be! A gilt copper toggle clasps at back, measuring 17.75" length at shortest strand.
$ 198.00
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