A Little Nightcap


Sometimes a little nightcap (whether of the cocktail persuasion or a hot cup of tea) is all one needs to feel the day has been salvaged, that the stresses and frustrations of earlier aren't as consequential as we may have once believed, that tomorrow will be brighter. Perhaps this necklace can be your next nightcap, a reminder that all is and will be well after all. 

Five strands of metallic crystal beads (in hues ranging from topaz, silver, and charcoal to champagne, midnight blue, and black) provide a dramatic backdrop for a vintage brooch in japanned metal and faceted metallic gems by Schreiner. The brooch is detachable (though we LOVE the look together) so if you need your evening to be of the more subtle variety, perhaps try wearing just the beads on their own...or even the brooch elsewhere by itself, too. No matter, you're just a nightcap away from a more sparkling perspective.

Measures an adjustable 18 to 19.5" length with vintage rhinestone clasp at back.

$ 248.00
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