Bold Adventure


Take a bold adventure (or take this ON one!) in hot-to-trot pink magnesite in a double dose, along with a vintage jeweled gem that hits all the high notes. The best news? There are TWO of these fun beauties, one with a brooch-turned-pendant that shows off some opaque glass jewels, another with more jewel-toned transparent glass gems throughout. (NOTE: the modeled and main product shots feature the opaque version!) Clasped at back with a silvered copper hook, the necklace measures 17.75" length, brooch pendant measures 4.25" across.


*** A note on the beads: these magnesite discs have been color enhanced, but also treated with a sealant to prevent color transfer. Some lotions and perfumes have been known to break down the sealant and allow the pink hue to transfer to skin or garments, so care should be taken when wearing.

$ 288.00
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