You're A Doll


The colors were what first caught our eye. Upon closer inspection, the tangled pile of pink, purple, teal, ivory, and black turned out to be a collection of plastic Cracker Jack dolls from the 1950s, painted in vibrant hues and suspended from cotton strings. This discovery, at one of our favorite vintage markets, had us equally excited and hesitant. The dolls are amazing. They are also, certainly to some of you, moderately creepy. But still incredibly amazing. So we took a chance and decided to suspend them in a joyful shimmy-shimmy party at the side of polished
black onyx bead strands. We hope you'll agree that the overall effect is nothing short of awesome and nothing close to creepy. A Cracker Jack jingle jangle of fun, ready for any adventure with whimsy and charm. A gilt copper box clasp at back fastens the strands at 20.5" in length.
$ 328.00
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