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Elva Fields

From a customer's collection of Elva Fields necklaces that dates back to our earliest days in business, this notice-me-now necklace actually never made it to the website! We created the design back in late 2012, and it was quickly acquired by our lovely client directly from our studio in Taylorsville before we had a chance to officially photograph or list it. Beads of faceted crystal in vibrant hues of orange and fuchsia go halvesies in sixteen draping strands to create a stunning and striking statement. Even better, an oversized toggle of gold vermeil (gold over sterling silver) clasps the strands at back in its own statement style, especially with its beautiful embossed detailing. Because it was never worn (and was still in its original packaging from 11 years ago!) we haven't changed a thing about it, and we feel lucky to share it with you here and now!
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