Write On Necklace

Elva Fields

When we snagged a few vintage mechanical pencils at auction, we immediately thought of a vintage necklace we'd found many years ago that had a fun pencil pendant suspended from a chain. Taking inspiration from that original design, we've crafted our own version, affectionately dubbed the "Write On Necklace." Each necklace is entirely unique, its own combination of beads or chain and pencil, and we think they're the most fun - not to mention incredibly handy for jotting a note, a to-do list or keeping score in your weekly bridge game. (We've heard that's what some of these fancier twist-to-write pencils may have been used for originally!) 

Here, a pencil in marbled pink celluloid suspends from our beloved gilt brass paperclip chain, fastening with a gilt copper lobster claw clasp at back. (This vintage pencil is a fun one - it unscrews to reveal an enclosed eraser, though very much past its prime!) Necklace measures 32" length, pencil 3.5" length.

$ 78.00
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