Vintage Brass Cricket

Elva Fields


Do you know the tradition (or superstition, perhaps) of having a cricket in your home as a symbol of good luck? (Is it a southern thing?) I have had one as long as I can remember, rendered in brass just like this beauty. Mine sits on a stack of books near my home's front door, and it has become a cheerful greeter to all who visit. Whether for you or for a happy hosting gift ('tis the season for gathering!) this vintage find is sure to bring joy and fun...and, yes, maybe even some luck to the days ahead.

We've gathered a small collection of these vintage crickets, each a bit different, but all with the same charm and character in solid brass with hinged back legs and wired antennae. Each measures approximately 5.5" length, 3" height, 2.5" width.

$ 46.00
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