Unexpected Blooms


When we stumbled upon this quartet of 1930s earrings in a favorite collector-dealer's booth several months ago, we initially assumed these fun florals would be part of our upcoming spring collection all about flowers. Quickly we realized two things: 1. We weren't patient enough to wait until spring to share these beauties. 2. These are timeless blooms, ready to show their pretty petals any time of year, especially in winter white and black. So, the next task was to find just the right beads with which to pair the pairs. A few weeks into our quest (convinced ivory or black was the way to go) we found a collection of beads that changed our course a bit with offerings of wood, seed, and bone beads. Unloading the assorted, newly-acquired beads from our buying trip, we placed a few haphazardly next to a pile of vintage finds, and we noticed how wonderful some of the patterned pretties looked with the floral earrings. What a happy accident! Carved from the nut of the Salwag palm tree, these black and ivory beads show the most wonderful veining, an ideal accompaniment to the ivory and black earrings in Bakelite and celluloid. Altogether unexpected, we adore how things come together in the end, and this necklace is
proof that blooming is beautiful and right on time. Measures 17.5" in length with a gilt copper box clasp at back.
$ 218.00
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