The Grandest of Them All


Whether the necklace itself or the horses in it, "grand" is definitely a fit here. We've only seen this buckle once before in all of our years of vintage adventuring, and it was a silver version that blew us away years ago. Finding its gold version was SUCH a fun treasure-hunt-come-true! The details in the adjoining horse heads- from the texture of the horse's hair and bridle to the draping chains below - show such care and craftsmanship in a stunning vintage design by Paquette. Only some seriously amazing beads could hold their own with a buckle-turned-clasp like this, and when these sensational slabs of sodalite surfaced, we knew we'd found a match. Polished pieces of rich blue sodalite alternate with vintage gilt metal beads, and a line-up of faceted brass beads from India at the back allow for more comfortable wear, allowing the sodalite to stay in the spotlight. Stunning, statement-making, and stylish, it's the grandest of them all. Necklace measures 21" length, each sodalite bead approximately 2.5" width, and buckle 6" wide clasped.
$ 388.00
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