Elva Fields

Our third offering in our By Hand + With Love series is a small curated collection of the most beautiful handwoven textiles from West Africa.  Most of this collection is vintage, though some are more contemporary examples of African fabric. Each is entirely spun, woven, or sewn by hand and dyed with organic materials, all in an ancient tradition by richly talented craftspeople, the result of which is honored and celebrated for its beauty, quality, usefulness, and meaning. Some of these cotton creations hail from Mali, others from the Ivory Coast, and still others from Burkina Faso. The texture, colors, details, imperfections, and hand-crafted character of each textile tell a remarkable story and bring an authentic artistry to any setting.


  • hand spun, woven, sewn, and dyed cotton 
  • from Burkina Faso
  • discolorations, inconsistencies, and imperfections are part of the inherent beauty of handmade creations
  • measures 41 x 55"

*For ideas on how this textile might be enjoyed, check out our blog post on the collection.

$ 98.00
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