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Oh, these beads. We could go on forever about our deep affection for these beauties. Truly, some of our favorite African wonders ever, these trade beads are a variety of styles from Ghana and Nigeria, some old (as in over 100-years-old) some new-er, some striped, some solid, some cylidrical, some round...their variety and uniqueness make them so fantastically and profoundly beautiful. (Kind of like humans, right?) Take your pick, there is plenty to love...and that's not even mentioning the bronze blooms at the side. Taken from a broken vintage bracelet, these rhinestone-studded flowers add just a hint of glamorous glittering to the more rustic glass beads among which they blossom, and a gilt copper toggle brings it all together at back. Measures 19" in length.
$ 318.00
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