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Elva Fields

From one of our favorite customer's beloved and extensive collection of Elva necklaces, a group of nearly 20 necklaces returned to our studio to be Re-Vintaged now that this lovely lady is downsizing and more selective in what she is able to wear. Many of her necklaces have never been worn and remain in immaculate condition (most still featured their original hand-written and hand-tied tags!)  Of offering this batch of necklaces, our client says, "I am thrilled with the thought that my pieces may go to someone who will treasure them as I do the ones I wear. It had bothered me for years that [some of] my 'beauties' sat in a drawer, not worn, not enjoyed. I did love looking at them and admiring their creativity. But, now I hope someone else can wear and cherish them. My students always loved my necklaces; sometimes I got their attention when they commented. I loved that! But, now retired and with no one to leave my jewelry to, I am pleased to know it will be in the hands ( necks ) of others."  It feels especially meaningful to share this client's collection on the occasion of our 20th birthday, as she has been along for the ride for more than half of that journey, and we are grateful for her encouragement, support, and kindness through all of these years.

A favorite from our Spring Collection in 2014, this fierce fashion originally featured carved and polished gemstone talons at front center and an antique jet glass buckle as the necklace's clasp at back. Wanting to "tame" the design a bit this time around (see what we did there?!) we decided to swap out the talons for a vintage flower brooch, a unique style with perforated petals by celebrated costume jewelry house Vendôme. A gilt copper clasp is a lovely accompaniment to the bloom, and fastens the Kenyan striped bone, faceted brass and black crystal bead strands at just shy of 24" length.

(Here's a link to this necklace's original listing in our Archives.)

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