Someday We'll Find It


I can't help but hear Kermit the Frog's words when I see this happily-hued beauty: "Someday we'll find it, the Rainbow Connection, the lovers, the dreamers, and me..." A vintage emerald green glass jeweled buckle (I adoooooore the looped, scalloped setting in brass) brings together colorful beads of recycled glass from Africa, a look just made for those lovers, dreamers, hopeful peeps out there who know and believe things will get better one of these days because they see the beauty happening even on the hardest of days. The ones who know that rain can bring rainbows, celebrated for their miraculous colors rather than the pot of gold at their end. The real treasure is loving one another here and now, right? High hopes for a necklace, but no doubt it'll bring joy and pleasure and cheer to both wearer and those on her path. Choose to wear the buckle at the side or around back for two different looks - both are endlessly fun and festive. Measures 20" length, shortest strand.
$ 318.00
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