Rainbow's End

Elva Fields

A reminder of magical hope and boundless belief, this rainbow's end of a necklace brings so much joy and fun...and maybe even a bit of luck. Combining beads of glass from India, quartz, jade, aqua terra jasper, vinyl, and magnesite, the full spectrum is on display in ROY G. BIV beauty, varying shape and size for even more whimsy in the colorful drape. The best part? A vintage four-leaf clover brooch in resplendent rhinestone is pinned at the side for that extra dose of fun...and it's detachable, so you can wear the lucky clover elsewhere AND enjoy the rainbow bead strands on their own, too. A vintage rhinestone clasp at back allows lengths ranging from 20 to 22 inches overall. No pot of gold here, but so much love, luck, and cheer.

$ 348.00
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