Pride of Place

Elva Fields

From a customer's collection of Elva Fields necklaces that dates back to our earliest days in business, this gem was originally part of our Fall Collection in 2017. Though we loved the vintage peacock brooch and earrings set when we spotted it at a favorite flea that previous summer, once we saw the entire design again, the necklace seemed best served with a "less-is-more" approach this time around. Could our maximalist tendencies be softening some these few years later? Maybe occasionally these days, but the vibrant and fun mix of beads in the seven strands of this necklace still point to our preference for pattern and statement styles. Mixing beads of striped and scalloped African glass, faceted Indian brass, matte black onyx, faceted clear and green crystal, black amber, and matte-finished glass, it's a proud assortment of beauty, texture, scale, and hue. Clasped with a gilt copper toggle, the necklace measures 18" length, shortest strand.

Here's a link to this necklace's original listing in our archives.

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