Not Alone


Okay, so here's the truth: the pendant element of this necklace is flawed. Visibly so, actually.  You can see for yourself in the image at left--at the very top center, one of the jet glass jewels is broken in half. But here's the thing: it's still beautiful. This hundred-year-old ornament, a sew-on decoration likely from a hat or belt or gown, is all the more amazing because of its story, we think.

Dress was strictly codified during the Victorian period, and because ladies were required to wear black for a specific amount of time following the death of a loved one (the time dictated by one's relationship to the deceased,) an entire style of adornment emerged known as mourning jewelry.  This ornament-turned-pendant is just such a design, created of black enameled wires and faceted jet glass to adhere to the rigid rules in place for one's wardrobe in the late 19th and early 20th century. 

All this in mind, we choose to see the break as a badge of honor, and we celebrate the ornament's fascinating history by placing it at front center of strands of faceted crystal beads. The crystal colors are more muted than some we might ordinarily use, and therefore seem a bit more in line with the somewhat somber origins of the antique jewel.  A silvered copper clasp brings it all together at back, measuring 19" in length.

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