Not a Penny-Pincher


You may be wise with your resources (after all, girls just want to have funds, right?) but you're not a penny pincher; you simply know a solid investment when you see one, and you're willing to spend on things that bring a smile...and style. We share that sentiment, beautiful gal, so when we spied this vintage coin purse at auction, we knew the rhinestoned find would make the most marvelous pendant for a necklace and a joyful, whimsical reminder of your monetary values. Though the purse, a vintage design by Wiesner of Miami, no longer opens (we sealed it shut to make sure it stayed with the beads) it may be the best visual metaphor for saving we've seen yet! Suspended from two strands of glossy polished black onyx beads, the purse measures 2.75" and a vintage rhinestone clasp at back allows adjustable necklace lengths from 18.5 to 21" overall.
$ 258.00
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